Multiplayer Minecraft: World Builder

About our minecraft class

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What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game that can be used to explore students’ creativity and imagination.  In a multiplayer setting, it also helps teach teamwork.  Students start with nothing and by working together and helping to fuel creativity, they end up creating something exciting.

About our class

Unleash your creativity as you work collaboratively! Create a world with others in four unique, themed quadrants. Build different biomes, or base a section on your favorite movie or video game! Meld your quadrants together with bridges, and separate them with moats of water, lava, or even the void! Students will get a copy of the world map to take home and expand on. We will be using the PC/Java Edition of Minecraft.

Continued learning

After the class

In this class, students were introduced to or expanded on their Minecraft skills as well as teamwork abilities.  They got to work creatively to come up with a few different themes for their world and worked collaboratively to get the world built.

Parent activity suggestions:

  • Ask your student to show you the world they made.  Ask them what parts they worked on, and who helped them along the way
  • Have your student continue to build and expand on their section of the world, ask them what they might have done differently on their own and what suggestions came from other students that made their world better
  • See if your student would like to expand on or make changes to other parts of the world that they did not initially work on