Minecraft Game Designer: Dungeons

About our collaborative minecraft class

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What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game that can be used to explore students’ creativity and imagination.  In a multiplayer setting, it also helps teach teamwork.  Students start with nothing and by working together and helping to fuel creativity, they end up creating something exciting.

About our class

Don’t just play Minecraft! Turn Minecraft from a game into a visual learning tool! This class will reinforce problem solving skills and spatial cognition through learning to create in-game Dungeons and Treasure Map. Student working in pairs, will learn basic game design skills while they collaborate to build Adventure maps, as well as some other advanced features in Minecraft. This class has a strong emphasis on creativity, exploration, and cooperative learning experiences.

Continued learning

After the class

In this class, students were introduced to or expanded on their Minecraft skills as well as teamwork abilities.  They got to work creatively to come up with a challenging dungeon themed game!

Parent activity suggestions:

  • Ask your student to show you the game they made.  Ask them what parts they worked on, and who helped them along the way
  • Have your student continue to build and expand on their game, ask them what they might have done differently on their own and what suggestions came from their partner.
  • If your student frequently uses Minecraft outside of class, see if they would like you to help them create a game of their own, now that they’ve seen the advantages of collaboration!