Master Bricklayers: Structural and Architectural Design

About our engineering class

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What is engineering?

Engineering is the use of science, technology, and physics to design and build machines and structures. Legos are a great way to help introduce children to the concept of engineering and building structures.

About our class

We are passionate about inspiring an interest in engineering! This hands-on experience is a perfect introduction to science concepts like structural engineering, architectural design, physics, external forces, and much more! Students will move through advanced building exercises in which they learn the complexities of designing structures and investigate the impact of external forces. In this camp, students will follow step-by-step builds, then test their new skills with open-ended building challenges and design projects.

Continued learning

After the class

In this course, students were introduced to the concepts of structural engineering and architectural design. They were taught about the complexities of design and how external forces can impact a building’s structure.

Parent Activity Suggestions:

  • Go on a walk with your child to look at several different kinds of buildings. Ask your student to apply what they learned in class to the structures they see? Are the buildings symmetrical? What are they made of? If they have bricks, how are they arranged?
  • If you have Legos at home, help your student build a scale model of where you live. Encourage them to figure out the right dimensions of your home and make a proper scale for their Lego model.