Junior Engineering: Crazy Gears and Wheels

About our engineering class

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What is engineering?

Engineering is the use of science, technology, and physics to design and build machines and structures. Legos are a great way to help introduce children to the concept of engineering and building structures.

About our class

If you love LEGOs, making things move, building, and experimenting – this class is for you.  Learn about engineering and the physical science principles behind different action machines. Working in teams, students will build crazy wheeled and geared contraptions that spring into action. Have fun while you learn the principles of mechanical engineering and simple machines. Make tops, spinners, zip lines, rubber band-powered cars, crimping cars, and other crazy contraptions. Please bring a drink and snack daily.

Continued learning

After the class

This class introduced your student to the basics of engineering using LEGO® Educational Division materials and building kits.  By building machines and mechanisms, your student got an understanding of mechanical and structural principles built into everyday machines.  The course focused on gears and wheels.

Parent Activity Suggestions:

  • Your child used Lego blocks to build learn about gears and wheels. Ask him/her to identify Lego pieces by name.  Ask your child to tell or show you what some items in your home have gears, levers, wheels and pulleys.

Additional information can be found at https://education.lego.com/en-us