Intro to Robotics

About our preschool class

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Why learn about robotics?

Technology is a fast growing industry, and the ability to navigate robotics and coding will help in every part of life as our world becomes technology centered.  Introducing these concepts to your preschooler will give them a head start for when they get to grade school and find that technology is now a major part of the curriculum.

About our class

Young children love to explore and learn! In this unique class, they learn to do just that. This course is a great all-around adventure for the youngest learners. Students will program a floor robot that can draw, and even make music. In the last session, we will compete in a Robo-Olympics

Continued learning

After the class

In this course, students were introduced to robotics.  They got to both follow instructions to create a base robot and then get creative and make changes to it afterwards!

Parent Activity Suggestions:

  • Ask your student about what they learned today in class.  What makes robots work?  What are some things you had to think about when putting yours together?
  • Have your student walk you through each step of the robot he/she built.  What were the major challenges?