Intro to Coding: Platform Games

About our coding class

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What is 2Do It Yourself?

2Do It Yourself (2DIY) is a youth focused, template based game designing software platform, that helps students create a number of activities, quizzes and games. Students gained an age-appropriate introductory knowledge of technology and game design vocabulary while designing, importing, animating and duplicating numerous sprites and backgrounds.

About our class

Create YOUR OWN VIDEO GAME! New projects! Students as young as five years old can create their platform video games in this cool class! Add challenges and levels of difficulty, then share your game by email or post it on the web to challenge family and friends. Now 5-8-year-olds can practice math, logic, and programming and put their video game talents to work!  The game will be in an animated Flash format, viewable in most internet browsers. Bring a jump drive to the last day of class or files can be emailed to parents. Bring a USB drive, snacks and drink each day.

Continued learning

After the class

In this course, students were introduced to 2Do It Yourself (2DIY) and coding basics. In 2DIY, students created their own platform-based video game with numerous levels, challenges, and difficulty settings.

Parent Activity Suggestions:

  • Designing a game requires knowing what aspects make a game fun to play. Play your child’s favorite game together, and ask him/her what makes that game fun. Why are those things fun? Is there anything that could be changed to make it better? How could your student program these new ideas?
  • Have your student walk you through each step of the games he/she designed. What are sprites? How did he/she animate them? How did he/she add backgrounds?

To play your game:

Your student’s game comes in an animated flash format, so they are viewable in most internet browsers. To play, make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed. Insert the flash drive and view the folder with your student’s files. The games should have the extension .swf. Simply double click on a game to open it. Enjoy!

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