Intro to Engineering

About our preschool class

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Why learn about engineering?

Technology is a fast growing industry, and the ability to navigate this technological world will help in every part of life.  Introducing these concepts to your preschooler will give them a head start for when they get to grade school and find that technology is now a major part of the curriculum.

About our class

Young children love to build! In this unique class they learn to do just that. Our hands-on exploration of simple machines introduces students to the basic concepts of physical science, math & engineering. Our Lego engineering projects take shape and will amaze our young architects! This course is a great all-around adventure for the youngest learners. Students will be introduced to simple machines and gears. Projects may include: Pinwheels, Spinning Top, and a Rotating Fan.

Continued learning

After the class

In this course, students were introduced to robotics.  They got to both follow instructions to create a base robot and then get creative and make changes to it afterwards!

Parent Activity Suggestions:

  • Ask your student about what they learned today in class.  What is engineering?
  • Have your student walk you through what they accomplished.  What did they build?  How did it work?  Were there pulleys, levers, gears?