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About our coding class

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What is Alice?

Alice is a programming software use to create animations, build interactive narratives, and program games using 3D models. Students can use these 3D objects to build on their creativity and make video games with unique stories, backgrounds, and characters.

About our class

New Class! Learn to code in this class. We offer a unique learning environment designed to introduce kids to fundamental coding concepts in a collaborative and supportive environment. Students will be creating a game with unique backgrounds and characters. This is a great introduction to the principles of game design and interactive storytelling.

Continued learning

After the class

In this course, students were introduced to coding using Alice. They learned fundamental coding skills by creating their own game and story.

Parent activity suggestions:

  • Have a look with your child at some of the videos at ¬†¬†Explain that these are made with Alice 3.1. ¬†Discuss with your child what 3D means? What is your favorite video and why?
  • Students can continue to work on their projects at home or build new ones by downloading Alice 3.1 at