Java Minecraft Modding: Custom Armor

About our Minecraft coding class

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What is modding in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game that can be used to explore students’ creativity and imagination.  Modding takes it one step further and challenges a students’ creativity to go beyond what already exists in the world of Minecraft.  We use java, a popular coding language for many companies including Google, to make our game more customized and unique, while learning real life coding skills along the way.

About our class

In this camp, we will be creating custom Armor. Learn to mod Minecraft using Java and the Forge API and customize your gaming experience. Students will be introduced to coding concepts and learn how to use Eclipse, a professional tool to edit and debug code. Students should be comfortable with keyboarding, and of course playing Minecraft! At the end of the class take home your Mods to share with family and friends. Bring a USB Drive, drink & snack to class.

Continued learning

After the class

In this class, students were introduced to or expanded on both their Minecraft and coding skills.  They got to work creatively both in the game and in java to create a unique type of armor that doesn’t exist outside of their own game.

Parent activity suggestions:

  • Ask your student to show you what they made.  Ask them what parts they used java to help
  • See if you students are able to replicate the work they’ve done on their own by creating new mods from home
  • If your student would like to work on their coding skills, check out hour of code.  This website uses fun animations while teaching your child coding basics that would help in real coding professions