Advanced Minecraft: Command Block

About our minecraft class

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What are commands in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game that can be used to explore students’ creativity and imagination.  Commands are advanced functions activated by typing certain parts of text.  Using commands makes everything easier, if you know the right ones.  It’s a way to type into the chat a function of Minecraft and use that as a way of sending commands that are pre-programmed into the game to help you out.

About our class

Get ready to wire up your Minecraft worlds with Command Blocks and Redstone! Even if you’re a seasoned Minecraft pro, there’s plenty for you to learn. From basic traps to powered machines, Redstone offers Minecraft players a whole new range of opportunities to create amazing things. Minecraft’s Command Block is a psuedo-programming language that consists of logic and execution written in text. We’ll learn to spawn creatures, teleport all over the world, and make multi-player games.

Continued learning

After the class

In this class, students were introduced to or expanded on their minecraft skills as well as teamwork abilities.  They got to work creatively with the aid of command blocks to expand their world both by clicking and by typing.

Parent activity suggestions:

  • Ask your student to show you what they made.  Ask them what parts they used command blocks for and how they helped
  • Have your student continue to build and expand on their project.  Ask them to demonstrate for you how much faster command blocks work by creating a small structure by hand, and then creating another one using command blocks.
  • If your student plays minecraft outside of this class, have them apply command blocks to their own world that they’ve been working on.  Ask where it might be helpful for them.