Extreme Robotics: Battlebot Olympics

About our robotics class

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What is robotics?

Robotics is an area if technology that combines computer science and engineering. Robots and machines are coded to perform specific actions and commands by the programmer.

About our class

New Class! Students will work in small teams using the EV3 Mindstorms Robotic Systems and specialized LEGO® Technic engineering components to build extreme robots and use programs to experiment with and overcome Olympic-style challenges. Students will then be then challenged to morph their projects into better, stronger, or faster robots. Possible robotic projects include Shot Put Launcher, Flipping Gymnast, Sumobot, and more.

Continued learning

After the class

In this course, students were introduced to the concept of robotics and programming.  They built and coded robots to perform multiple Olympic-themed challenges in small teams.

Parent Activity Suggestions:

Programming a robot requires visualizing how code on a computer will translate into real-life actions. Ask your child about some of the code he/she wrote and how his/her robot responded. Also ask him/her how the robot’s actions changed when the code changed.

Additional information can be found at https://www.lego.com/en-us/mindstorms