3D Engineering: Architectural and Structural Design

About our engineering class

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What is engineering?

Engineering is the use of science, technology, and physics to design and build machines and structures. Legos are a great way to help introduce children to the concept of engineering and building structures.

About our class

Bring your imagination to life. Become a master bricklayer and use our special architectural LEGO® kits to build your creations. Be an architect as you learn the principles of construction. The main goal of the course is to introduce the concept of 3 dimensions and its role in design. Working in teams, students will construct buildings, structures, towers, castles, and more. Students will learn principles of construction and use math skills as they experiment with scale and size, staggering vs. stacking bricks, and more. We’ll build houses with removable roofs, castles with turrets, and towers of strength! It might just be impossible to exhaust the creative potential of LEGO® bricks. With an active imagination as your guide, there are endless possibilities. Please bring a drink and snack daily.

Continued learning

After the class

In this course, students were introduced concept of 3D. Students may have often heard the word “3D”, yet if you ask them to explain it, they will likely not be able to do so. The other goals of this class were to introduce symmetry, scale, and strong building techniques.

Parent Activity Suggestions:

  • Go on a walk with your child to look at several different kinds of buildings. Ask your student to apply what they learned in class to the structures they see? Are the buildings symmetrical? What are they made of? If they have bricks, how are they arranged?
  • If you have Legos at home, help your student build a scale model of where you live. Encourage them to figure out the right dimensions of your home and make a proper scale for their Lego model.