Hacking Java Games

About our coding class

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Why learn coding?

As the world becomes more technological, coding is the way of the future.  Someday knowing how to code will be as basic as knowing how to read or write.  Java is a very popular coding language these days, and learning the basics of java introduces your student to the same basic principles as many other object oriented coding languages.

About our class

Hack into the code of classic games! Students will learn Java Coding skills while modifying games such as Asteroid, Tetris, Snake, and more! Coding beginners and more experienced students will love this class. Requires basic keyboarding skills, bringing a flash drive to save code is recommended.

Continued learning

After the class

In this course, students were introduced to java and learned how to change code to make their games customized.  They learned key words like variables and are familiar with how code writing works.

Parent activity suggestions:

  • BlueJ is free to download, your student can get it on any computer to continue work on their coding projects.
  • Have your student show you their game.  Asked what they changed in it and how.  Did they change the colors? The scenery? Make it easier or more difficult?
  • Challenge them to continue working on their favorite game and continue showing you their edits as they go along.